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What is GIS? 
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San Antonio College
Bringing Internet Mapping to the Humanities Project 
Maps are essential tools for understanding the human story. Adding Web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to your curriculum will help improve student's geographic literacy, make possible the creation of course specific map activities, and increase students’ comprehension of maps as tools for comprehending the human drama. *
What is GIS? 

  • GIS is a powerful computer software program that stores, analyzes, and displays spatial data from a variety of sources. 
  • Arc Internet Map Server (ArcIMS), the GIS application selected for this project, can create and deliver mapping services to the Web for everyone to use. 
  • Using ArcIMS students can visualize the whole picture with the aid of multiple layered maps, photographs, satellite imagery, various databases, and the ability to zoom in and out for detail at various scales. 
  • ArcIMS allows students to manipulate data beyond turning layers off and on and rolling their cursors over “hot spots” to view images.

San Antonio College brings Internet mapping to the humanities in a project designed to create, and train faculty in the use of, mapping modules intended to enhance humanities courses.  The initial funding for this project came from a National Endowment for the Humanities 2003 Focus Grant (see Project History).

During the first project phase, fall 2003, three modules were created using the most advanced Web based GIS technology.  These projects were field-tests in spring 2004. During the second phase of the project, Spring and Summer 2004, four additional modules will be developed. Other modules and map browsers are currently available.

  • Module 1 ~ Exploring Globalization Visually 
  • Module 2 ~ Exploring the Maya World 
  • Module 3 ~ Exploring South Asia
  • Module 4 ~ Central Asia in World History
  • Module 5 ~ Roman and Muslim Culture in Spain
  • Module 6 ~ Mexico: Then and Now
  • Module 7 ~ Exploring the United States Southwest
  • Additional Modules & Mapping Browsers

    The project uses Arc Internet Map Server (ArcIMS) software developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Inc. SAC is a site-licensed, designated ESRI educational institution.

      Please send any questions, or comments to Carol A. Keller, Project Director, email,
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